How to Best Improve Your Smile with Gentle Teeth Whitening and Other Measures

Our teeth were meant to last a lifetime. Unlike baby teeth, adult teeth will not be replaced by another healthy set of teeth. Many individuals are distressed by the stains on their teeth. This can be a result from genetics, certain medications, disease processes and improper care of the teeth over time. It is so important to keep up with regular dental exams to ensure the health and beauty of your teeth for a long time. Dentists today have some remarkable methods to whiten the teeth and to improve patient’s smiles. Most dental practices offer professional teeth whitening services that can give your teeth back that pearly gloss that has been missing.

Stains can occur on the teeth by constantly eating or drinking food and beverages known to increase tooth staining. This includes berries, teas and coffee among many others. Avoiding these foods and drinks can help lower the impact on your teeth, and proper brushing and/or rinsing following ingestion of high stain items can also limit the staining. Some people have health conditions that can dramatically affect the teeth. This includes infections, diabetes, gum disease, circulation problems and many more. It is crucial to get prompt treatment to reduce the overall tooth impact.

The enamel of the tooth is what gives teeth their pearly white color and sheen. Over time, this enamel can wear down. This is what typically causes the teeth to look a bit yellow and sometimes grey. As a result, dental professionals encourage patients to use the recommended tooth brushes and cleaning products like tooth paste. Typically, these are made for gentle tooth cleansing. Very hard bristles or other implements used in mouth care should be avoided at all costs. Teeth that are not regularly kept clean can lead to plaque deposits that harden and change the color and appearance of the tooth’s surfaces.

More area residents are raving about a skilled dentist that delivers exceptional teeth whitening Farmington NM occupants are thrilled about. This can be done as an office visit, or the patient can opt to use customized teeth whitening products meant to be used in the comfort of home. These custom teeth whitening trays can get superb results that give teeth back their white appearance without a lot of stress, hassles or efforts. These trays are generally affordable to most patients, and those that have used them generally recommend them to others.

Various medications have long been known to cause tooth discolorations and/or tooth breakdown. Medical treatments like radiology treatments used for cancers can also change the teeth and make them brittle. Cigarette smoking is a major cause of tooth staining, and when smoking is combined with certain pain medications, the result is staggering on the teeth. Smoking limits the amount of healthy oxygen that reaches the mouth area, and over time tooth decay, dark discolorations and unhealthy teeth and gums will become more evident. Visit a cosmetic dentist to learn more regarding the benefits of teeth whitening and other services.