What is a Doula? Do you Need One?

One thing every pregnant woman can relate to is needing extra support during pregnancy and childbirth. There are a lot of different practices surrounding childbirth, but one scientifically-backed concept is the benefit of social and emotional support. If you are curious about the potential benefit of having a doula, contact one of the many doula program services salt lake city ut.

Benefits of Support During Pregnancy and Delivery

It has been scientifically proven that social and emotional support provides a lot of benefits. It can greatly improve the mental well-being of any person, especially an expecting or laboring mother. A doula provides exactly this type of support and can provide a number of benefits to both mother and baby.

What is a Doula

doula is a professional who provides continuous support of a laboring mother. Their job is to provide support and this support the mother through this physically and emotionally straining time. They also serve as a way to for the mother and medical staff to communicate more effectively about the mother’s needs, no matter what the mother’s choices are during this time. The communication benefits provided by the doula is to help the medical staff and the mother understand the goals and priorities that are in place to ensure a safe, healthy delivery.

Services a Doula Can Provide

The services a doula can provide include a providing physical and emotional support to the laboring mother, seeking out resources and researching birth choices, providing physical support including massage and changing laboring positions, and helping the mother focus on controlled breathing methods. Along with providing physical support, the doula may be responsible for providing other comforts for the mother, such as controlling the lights, providing music, and encouraging communication between the mother and her healthcare providers. This ensures that the mother remains well-educated about her care.

Services a Doula is Not Allowed to Provide

Since a doula is not a medical professional, they are not allowed to give medical advice. This is because they are not adequately trained to provide this type of advice. They are also not allowed to stand between the relationship that exists between the mother and her medical team. Other things the doula is not allowed to provide medical services to the mother or the baby. This is because they are not properly trained to do so. Most importantly, a doula is not allowed to do or say anything that is against the mother’s wishes.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to having a doula, especially since their purpose is to provide dedicated care and support to the laboring mother. Even if the mother does have a birthing partner, a doula may be desired. Studies have shown that the more support a laboring mother has, the more relaxed and calm they remain during the birthing process. This can be extremely beneficial for the mother and baby which can result in a more positive birthing experience.